Work Your Ass Off

Heaviest- 172 lbs
Current-163lbs (freshmen 15 exists and birth control weight gain)
Goal weight-135 lbs
Ultimate goal weight- 120* lbs

I'm a fitblr trying to help motivate anyone who believes they need it! I support the healthy way of becoming fit and losing weight, and that's by eating right and exercising regularly.
I just finished my freshmen year of college. The "freshmen fifteen" exists and I'm living proof. My goal, right now, is to lose the fourteen pounds that I gained before I go back in August. I have confidence that I can do it.
I've struggled with weight and body image issues. I'm still trying to overcome them, by doing it the right way. I'm also using this blog to motivate myself and track my progress.
You can tell me your stories, anon or not, if you'd like. My ask is always open to whoever wants to drop something in it.

Check out my personal photography blog:

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